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Trending for Fall

I might be jumping the gun here, but I think it’s time to start considering a Fall wardrobe.

I love Fall. It ushers in a new color palette of darker tones and layering options that give you the opportunity to make more unique pairings. I have been seeing some wonderfully exciting things in magazines concerning upcoming trends this Fall, and I loved them so much I thought they’d be worth a share. So, courtesy of the July issues of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, I bring you. . . Fall trends!

Celine Coat

Up first: long coats. Makes sense, right? The longer the coat, the cozier for cooler weather. I’m starting to see coats that hit at or below the knee as opposed to the common waist-length. These longer options are great because not only are they warmer, they’re an outfit in themselves. I can see one paired easily with jeans and boots, and a scarf if you’re feeling up to it. Such fine minimalism it is.


The trend I’m most excited for this Fall has to be leather. I’m seeing it everywhere, and my heart stops each time. Every article of clothing seems to be getting the leather treatment: tanks and cardigans from Vince, as well as skirts and knee-length vests from Cynthia Vincent. It’s a great texture for mixing, taking note from the image above. Leather leggings de-feminize this dainty lace blouse in the best way.


Yes, Bazaar, more is more. Over-the-top accessories are ideal for Fall. Too hot to wear for Summer, they’re the perfect thing to finish off that minimalist coat look we discussed earlier. Clench that long coat with an embellished belt for instant refinery. Rich shades of emerald and purple are going to make you glow. Indeed they will.

What trends are you looking forward to this Fall?


4 thoughts on “Trending for Fall

  1. Oh my days, I stumbled upon this post after witnessing that beautiful emerald green top (or is it a dress) from Harper’s! Fall is my favorite season as well! Not necessarily because of the darker tones, but I love playing with layers. And emerald green IS my favorite, so I cannot wait to incorporate, though, I’m not looking forward to the dropping temperatures, especially since we haven’t really experienced much of a summer here.

    Anyway, you’ve got a really interesting blog. Would you be interested in following each other?


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