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Fringe With Benefits


Details: they make an outfit. And all Summer, I have been using cutoffs to complete most all of my looks. I’ve worn them alarmingly close to death.

I know I am not alone in my love of their fringed edges and ripped accents. It’s details like these that make a simple pair of shorts so interesting and versatile. Unfortunately, this year’s cutoff lifecycle is on the decline, and this Fall I’m going to be looking for new details to hold my interest. I’m thinking scallops.



This blazer does the trick. Pastels are headed this way for Fall, and the scalloped bottom on my Wink blazer is the new fringe I’ve been looking for. Picture it paired with leather leggings-it’s a perfect transition piece. I can dig it.


The jacket works for day (e.g. this outfit with a pair of flats), but lends itself to a night out thanks to it’s silky material.



What are your transition pieces?

t-shirt, PJK / shorts, Free People / sunglasses, Ray Ban


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