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Word On The Street

With every approaching season, I go through a process of evaluation to assess what pieces I should be looking to add to my closet. I try to choose pieces that I know are going to be useful and carry me throughout an entire season. In other words: shop smart. Look for versatility in most things, adding a few statement pieces along the way to enhance the basics.

I have come to find the best way to determine what I need is to observe street style (which I browse endlessly already, so it’s not exactly a chore). A few things always stand out, and those things usually end up being the trends I choose to take on. I wanted to share some of the pieces I find to be key as we transition into Fall.

Courtesy of online Vogue: street style.

Moto Street Style Vogue

I see you, Moto.

No, seriously, I see it everywhere. I have a large number (more than I wish for there to be) of feminine pieces in my closet. Lately, I’ve been shying away from my girly tendencies in an attempt to toughen up my persona. Enter: the Moto jacket.

The Moto jacket is an ideal piece to masculinize that sheer nude blouse you’ve had hanging up since last Spring. Or, if you’re looking to command attention, it can act as a major head-turner. I’m loving this one by Lovers + Friends. It’s extra awesome because the sleeves zip off for it to be worn as a vest (OMG, I know).

Army Shirt Street Style Vogue

I know we’re almost over the army jacket. But the army shirt? Different story. For my casual days, of which there are many, I can see myself throwing it over a graphic tee and walking out the door. It also looks way cool tied around the waist as I am sure you noticed.

Here is a great one from Joe’s. Get it a size larger than you normally might if you’re looking to cross the modern grunge trend off your list.

Ankle Boot Street Style Vogue

I’ll tell you off the bat, this one has given me a struggle. The black ankle boot, that is.

I know I need it. We all do. But with the sea of options available, it’s edging impossible to make a decision. Per usual, Rag + Bone has nailed the ankle boot style yet again with this pair; however, I’m also loving the chic metal accent on these Steve Maddens. I’ll spare you the other pairs I have been swooning over.

What tips do you take from street style? Will any of these pieces be showing up in your closet?


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