What I Wore

The Fall Tease

Last week, I thought it was here. My favorite knee-high boots made their first seasonal appearance, I wore my new coat, and I even swapped my usual iced coffee for a hot brew.  It had become frigid outside, and it was glorious (I will regret this statement by January). But just as I had acclimated to the chill, the weather did a harsh U-turn toward 80.

Back into indefinite storage went the knee-highs, but I managed to hold on to one piece that has become a staple of mine this season: the ankle boot. Unlike most Fall trends, the ankle boot permits wearability be it cool or warm in the outdoors. And with a cropped pant exposing an inch or two of ankle, it’s chic as hell.


Just snowplowing through life.



I love how the gold accent makes this basic boot something special.


I am looking forward to Spring and transitioning the ankle boot trend into looks with shorts and sundresses. How do you manage to celebrate Fall before cool weather is settled?

What I wore: J Crew tank, Anthropologie belt, Steve Madden booties


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