What I Wore

Layer Up

There is something to be said for simplicity. But with that acknowledgement, let’s proceed to note that sometimes simplicity just isn’t going to cut it. Take this getup for example:

DSC02119 DSC02124

I can’t imagine you hate it. But do you love it? Personally, I harbor intense neutrality toward this look – and what a curse is it to be indifferent.

Ah, but the solution is so simple! Layer. Consider something like…

DSC02148 DSC02142

A hat if you are so inclined. Any old thing will do, but extra points are awarded for a Saints cap. Hats are also great for covering up a hangover; so, if you find yourself wearing a hat every Sunday, cheers to you for finding relief fashionably. But despite a hat’s inherent usefulness, layering is a complicated process and you’re not getting off that easy. It is the kind of methodical process that extends well beyond one addition. Bring in the dancing lobsters scarf.

DSC02152 DSC02171


Is there anything cashmere doesn’t improve? Better indeed, but you’re not done. If you are wearing a scarf, it must be cold out and it would be obscene not to add…



A jacket! This knit moto is a personal favorite of mine. It has more wearability and comfort than you might get from a similar leather style. And it’s way less expensive than leather. Like, way less. I digress.

How do you layer your favorite pieces? How do you make your outfits come together?

t-shirt, Splendid / jacket, Helmut Lang / denim, rag & bone / shoes, Vince / scarf, Nordstrom


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