What I Wore

A Warm Weather Situation

This is going to be a weird post. Confusing and disjointed and inappropriate.

But that’s really just life, na mean? I’ll explain.


Genuinely, I feel that I have a history of embracing Summer for all it’s worth. Credit that to the Floridian in me, but I think most folks just have an inclination to warm weather. For the purposes of this post, I will focus on how style molts when the sun opens its shutters and gives us a high of 95. Yes, into our lives we welcome flowy skirts, sandals, crop tops, and whimsical, feminine pieces of the like. Ciao, bulky coat!

And then, just like that, I want what I can’t have.

I start to miss the cool, incognito vibes of bomber jackets and pointy black boots and all things cold-weather. But most passionately, I want my leather jacket back.


After all, my leather jacket is my right-hand-man. In distress, I’ve often throw it on to pull an outfit together or to re-introduce my laid back aura when I thought I’d lost it. My quick fix for warmer months, you ask? I do not have one.

So now it is May and here I am, feeling exposed because the heat has visciously stolen my comfort blanket. My staple.


But I have never been the type to steer my ship to the tune of someone else’s instruction, and I’ll be damned if the weather thinks she can push me around! So I will overlook the taboo placed upon dressing out of season because style’s charm lies in the individual’s discretion. You may find yourself to be uncomfortably warm, but this is my advice: keep it real, wear what you want.

What is your signature piece?

leather jacket, Joie / top, Zara / demin, rag & bone / shoes, Stuart Weitzman


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