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Mixing and Matching and. . . Ah, Who Cares

I imagine with a considerable degree of confidence that you took one look at the featured image and thought this would be a post about mixing prints. You thought that I would outline the rules covered in Wanderblonde: A Blog for Kids Who Can’t Mix Prints Good and Want to Do Other Stuff Good Too. Unfortunately, no such publication exists.

Admittedly, that was the first thought I had concerning the direction I wanted this post to take. But I can’t sit here in my bed (if we are being honest) and force upon you some half-assed insight about blending textures and patterns cohesively. Truth be told, I do not have a blanket answer for you a la the pages of Teen Vogue. And if we are being really honest, my course of action in these situations is generally to hold busy, bold pieces next to each other until I think, “That is not hideous. I will place this on my body.”

But posts like that don’t get me invited to Fashion Week. photo 3

The best things, we stumble into. Style being no exception, I advocate the discovery process of trial and error to uncover what best works for you. Discard the rules! Wear your flamingo-printed shirt with those gingham trousers. You look good.

photo 2

photo 1-1

Irreverence in style is rewarding, and I don’t believe in rules. Often, it seems people forget that we are dealing with clothes and take fashion too seriously. Any degree of seriousness in fashion is a fault, really. Loosen your Birkenstocks and let go of pretenses, folks. You wouldn’t want to miss anything good.

top, Zara / skirt, Zara / boots, Zara / cuff, Lucky Brand


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