The Boyfriend Short

Folks, these shorts have seen the world. My world, that is – in all of its naive and sheltered wonder.

I do not mean to belittle the culture and worldliness of my shorts, as they have experienced a great deal throughout their time spent on my hips. Together, we have boldly faced countless downtown bars, most often accompanied by towering heels and a tiny blouse. We have brunched on the loveliest Saturdays with ankle boots and oversized sunglasses, and on occasion have joined forces with swimwear for a jaunt to the beach. I could even divulge to you the time when we had no choice but to walk through a downtown parking garage sans footwear, but that is neither here nor there.

photo 3

What I am trying to make clear to you is that we’ve been through a great deal. And I think it shows, as these holes were not gaping at the time of purchase. My initial intentions were much more modest, but the holes ultimately evolved into an archaic cooling system of sorts that lends itself well to June’s heat. Silver lining, people.

photo 2

Boyfriend pieces are tricky, but I believe the same rule can be applied across the board for dressing up shorts, jeans, button downs, or anything else you’ve stolen from your dad’s closet of the like: keep the rest of the look feminine. You’ll end up with my favorite sartorial juxtaposition of tough and pretty – but more importantly, it will keep you from crossing the border into Frumpcity. Such a sad town.

I don’t want to end on a sour note, so I’ll take this chance to mention my shoes. God, they’re pretty.


top, Rebecca Taylor / shorts, rag & bone / shoes, Steve Madden / hat, Anthropologie


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