Welcome, people.

I’m Ali and it brings me great joy that you found your way here. As many of you may have done, I one day found myself in a rut. It was the moment I caught myself staring into my closet, not necessarily hating what hung before me, but feeling increasingly uninspired by the clothing mass I had accumulated up to this point in my life. Simply put, it was not me.

As much as I adore fashion, how could I have come to resent so deeply the pieces I had picked out for myself? I should be crazy about my clothes!

And it dawned on me. As much as I had made myself believe that my clothes expressed the person I imagine myself to be, they fell so, so short in reality. I had let practicality dictate my purchases, and the human tendency to follow the crowd so silently imposed itself, I never even knew I had become subject to it. I didn’t have my own style because I was unconsciously playing it safe.

Safe. What a foul word.

So, now I am heading into fashion, guns-a-blazing, working with new trends as often as I can get my hands on them. And it is exciting- but don’t take my word for it! As I grow into my personal style, I hope that you will join me in the highs and the lows of developing a style that is sartorially yours.



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